The MMS Catering Institute™ Workshops are open to restaurant executives and management teams looking to develop their catering programs and drive real results through improved operations and increased sales. These one-day regional workshops offer certification in sales, marketing, operations, delivery programs and centralized catering services.

Catering Sales Training

The goal of the Catering Sales Management Training is to provide attendees with a targeted sales training course which will enable them to acquire new catering customers and build relationships that develop order frequency. Training focuses on the following concepts:

  1. Business Development Roles & Responsibilities
  2. Canvassing & Lead Generation
  3. Effective Cold Calling Techniques
  4. Consultative Sales Training
  5. Catering Buyers and Their Identified Needs
  6. Buyer Types & Sales Segments
  7. Time Management Recommendations
  8. Best Practice Business Tools & Resources

If you have any questions about our workshops, please contact the MMS Catering Institute™ :

Tel: 1-877-6-MONKEY | Email: