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Setting the standard for restaurant catering education and training within the MMS Catering Institute

MMS Catering Institute FacultyThe MMS Catering Institute™ mandate is to pursue excellence in research, teaching and consulting to the global restaurant industry at large. Its mission is to help restaurant operators grow sales and increase profits by educating them to be experts at feeding their customers where they Live, Work and Play.

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Catering Institute Faculty Members


  • Erle Dardick

    , MonkeyMedia Software & The Catering Institute

    Erle Dardick is best known for providing turnaround strategies to multi-unit restaurant operators and food manufacturers. For years he’s been helping our community members leverage [...]

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  • Wayne Alexander

    , President, The MMS Catering Institute™

    Over the past 16 years, Wayne has literally walked the walk behind “let’s talk catering” developing and deploying both on-premise and off-premise strategies that have contributed sales [...]

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  • Roland Zagnoli

    , Zagnoli Trading Company

    Roland Zagnoli has been a student of the food service beverage industry since 1990, including 15 years of executive level management with both established [...]

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  • Dan Hirt

    , Primary Color

    Daniel Hirt, Dan serves as President of Primary Color Systems Corporation. Mr. Hirt also served at Primary Color’s production and sales team. He has [...]

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  • Betsy Craig

    , MenuTrinfo®, LLC

    Betsy Craig is the CEO and Founder of MenuTrinfo®, LLC, a company dedicated to protecting lives and promoting brands by proactively building nutritionals for [...]

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